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Buried within your video or camera roll is a hidden little nugget of awesome: a Soundpic.

A Soundpic is an image and sound that captures the heart of the moment.

And now, you can send your Soundpic via Talking Postcard, a real postcard with your sound built in.

Download Soundpic for iOS in the App Store.

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    New! Soundpic Talking Postcards

    Now you can literally say “Wish you were here!” with your postcards.
    Turn your Soundpics into real postcards—personalized with your favorite photo, and embedded with a chip that plays your sound when squeezed.

    Send postcards with built-in giggles, wedding vows, songs, and words of encouragement. Oh and p.s.? Not only are Talking Postcards totally refrigerator-worthy, they come with a built-in fold-out stand to make it easy to display on the fireplace mantle.

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    Creating a Soundpic is easy!

    From your video or camera roll, choose a still image and a special sound– a first word, a laugh, the roar of the crowd...Instead of sharing a whole movie, share a Soundpic: a bite-size snippet of what you love.